Ehm, ABOUT, it is a strange title.

Is this ABOUT us, or ABOUT the team.

About the team. Frequently the question that people ask us is: “Where does the name ZaNaBoZa stands for?” Sometimes your just brainstorming and something gets to you. People who know us, are familiar with the fact that we love to travel. Because of the travelling we felt the need for an own website to let the people at home know how we are doing while we are on the road in foreign countries. For that site, we needed an easy to remember name. We get to the idea to use the abbreviation of the countries we visited during our first big journey around the globe. These countries are:

South-Africa, Namibia, Botswana & Zambia. Hmmm, now you could say that the name should be SaNaBoZa. Well, the Dutch name for South-Afrika, is Zuid-Afrika. This begins with Z, so the name became ZaNaBoZa.

When we started geocaching, we thought, ABOUTthe teamname. After a few minutes of thinking, we decided to use the name of our website.

ABOUT us. Well, there is a little to tell ABOUT us. Common websitevisitors already know us.

Some keywords ABOUT us: hard working cival servant, King of cardboard boxes, photolover, detective, globe-trotter. Well, Paul & Marieke.

And of course we shouldn”t forgetAlfred.

Who is Alfred? We could tell something ABOUT him. Also we could tell something ABOUT how he loves to travel around the globe. Or something ABOUT the fact he steals the heart of everybody he meets. We could let him tell something ABOUT hisself. But then…. he doesn”t feel anything ABOUT that. Because sir is frightened that he has to work late. So we let him at ease. But than we have to tell something ABOUT Alfred. Ok, here are some tags ABOUT him: Too lazy to walk. (he’s too lazy to do anything at all), small housed, roommaker. For short our Travelling Bear who travels along with us in the backpack and can be discoverd there. (please don”t take him home with you, because we are crazy ABOUT him.)

Alfred in his beloved backpack

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